The Legend of Monstra

She was a beast among studs when the bully scene was starting to pop. She has that intimidating look and a unique color pattern which have become her own identity. She is a Marcello daughter and produced by Charlie Lozano. She was bred to topnotch studs and produced topnotch bulls all throughout. Every breeding has sure fire hitters. From Firemaxx of Jun Jun Sy, Cleopatra of Cho Olalia and Loca of Carlos Parilla. All got that distinguished look of bad ass bulls and bad-ass producers. Her breeding career took another high when Miguel Mallari decided to bring him over and pair her up to his then-main stud Miagi Bullseye combo stud Peter Co. That breeding did not disappoint. Even Marc Caguiao of Barangay Ginebra decided to have a part of the historic breeding. One of the keeper female, Purple lean is now owned by Glen Domingo (Marley Jaya).

Her Contribution to the Philippine Bully Scene is set in stone. There are no 2nd placers in her league. It’s just simply her, Monstra. But she’s not done yet. A humble breeder from Palawan took over and made the moves that got Peter Co and Monstra under one roof. Arman Calso of MB Brothers bullies now call the shots and as low key as he is, it’s just impossible to ignore the pieces he put together. He’s not about to take part anymore, he’s about to make moves that will make the world watch. Watch out, 2018 just got more interesting.








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