The American Bully Scene: Evolving and getting Bigger

Evolving and Big. Words that best describe the American Bully scene today. Starting from its humble beginnings and up to what it is today, the American Bully has dramatically evolved. From the Gottylines, Remylines to the Daxs’ and Miagis of today. The game has shifted to the exotic look of an American Bully. This also[…]


Indonesia’s Bully Scene

The American Bully is a universal language. Its popularity have sky-rocketed even if the breed is relatively new. A once humble breed in the States have come its way to the archipelago of Indonesia.   On the forefront of the Exotic Bully scene are Tony Tytyan and Rico Wenas of Le7el Bully Camp. What started[…]

High Roller Line

High Roller Kennel

High Roller Line Kennels traces its roots in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the more established name in the American Bully world. HRK was already existent since the 80’s with Pitbulls and eventually the American Bully breed today. They specialize in exotic bullies coming from their own line “Gamble Blood”. Their network[…]