Risky Business

Dj / Exotic Bully Breeder Rudys Fariñas was ahead of his time. When everyone was just welcoming the American Bully breed to their vocabulary, Rudys was already planning ahead. Instead of bringing a Male Exotic bully in the Island, he brought in a slew of females that would take his vision into fruition. After setting up his females here, he then started looking for suitable studs in the country, but unfortunately he did not find that time and went back overseas to look for his ideal exotic bully.

At least for the American Bully breed he was the first to import semen and do surgical AI(artificial insemination ) with his program. That process requires perfect timing as the chilled semen can only last for about 72hours. That 72hours include its shipment from the US to the Philippines, to processing and releasing at the Airport / Customs and to the Veterinary Clinic. It should also be in tune with the Female Exotic Bully’s progesterone level. Not to mention the cost. So RCF paved the way for this breeding method. So if you have thoughts of doing it, yes it is possible. The surgical AI was done by Dr Nielsen of Born to Be Wild tv program.

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