Rising up the Game

I’ve lost count on the number of Imported American Bullies that arrived this year. You can compare them to “balikbayan” boxes with the frequency of their arrival. But one caught our eye and stood out from the rest. EMPEROR they call him. They took the risk of bringing him home amidst the tropical weather where it can mess up with a bulls diet, coat and overall health. But they couldn’t care less. Since his arrival, he’s been busy attending shows, taking some wins and some nights taking some setbacks, but they couldn’t care less either. Its participation in shows have greatly improved the competition as Island borns have took the challenge in meeting him up the ring. It also gave the show goers a sight to look upon as this beast got the Og look with a big blocky head, girth and with a good confirmation. For us, this is what the American Bully stand for: Confidence and Gentleness. Confident enough to take on challenges and Gentle enough to accept setbacks. It’s time to bust out those Imports and let the community appreciate them in the flesh. Social media ain’t the real world. Likes and comments multiply a thousand times when said in person. If you still don’t get it, just do what an Emperor do.
Shoutout to Jansen Satparam and his family. Keep it up fam 💯

Jansen Satparam

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