Slimeball a.k.a. Mr. Viral

It’s seldom that a big-named dog comes to our shores to call it home. The last time a big named-dog who made its way here was USO, one of Dax’s best son.

History has a way of repeating itself. A few months back, another Big-Named Dog came to the Philippines- a direct offspring of the Great Mr Miagi and goes by the name of ‘SLIMEBALL‘. The man behind the move is Tatz Mendoza of Batangas City. By far, Slimeball is the most popular American Bully in all of social media, gathering almost a million views and hits on different platforms.

Going viral is not merely because of luck but rather a destiny to be fulfilled. Slimeball is a household name and a million people agree. Big thumbs-up to his owner for making the big move, making an offer the breeder could not refuse. Catch SLIMEBALL in the flesh at the KING OF KINGS Show this Sunday at SMX Convention center. Make sure you follow Tatz Mendoza on Facebook and Instagram for the latest on Mr. Viral aka SLIMEBALL.





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