Coming to America

The American Bully was founded in the Land of Milk and Honey. Being the global citizens that we Filipinos are, it was inevitable that a few of our kababayans will make their way into the American Bully scene. Cabalen, Unafeyed, Islandstar, Rocksolid, Cobra kai, Bayani, HRK, Standout Bullies, Islander Bully Club and many more are very much involve in the American Bully scene in the USA.


People back home might have the wrong impression that they have it easy over there. But guess what? They don’t have the kennel personnel that most of the kennels here have. They have a 9-5 job, a family to raise and other personal matters they have to attend to. By no means you can just ‘wing it’ with the American Bully breed. These bulls require the same amount of attention you give your family. Passion and dedication is a must. The success they have means a lot, having the strength to manage everything all together should inspire us. So the next time you see them posting, hit the like button for all we know a simple appreciation from us back home means alot and will inspire them to work harder.





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