The Big Star

Last Sunday, the biggest American Bully Show in the Philippines was held, and as expected the outcome was outstanding. The Fantastic Beast show featured the best American Bullies in the Archipelago. More than the Bullies, it was a well attended event with the biggest name in the Industry in attendance. Dave Wilson, Nan Bai and[…]

Emperor, Yakuza son

Welcoming the Emperor

This coming week, the bully community will welcome a new addition in our ranks. What makes it special is that UNAFEYED is behind it and they’re bringing in bad ass stud. Unafeyed is one of the more established kennels in the United States, breeding top notch American Bullies with the signature OG MIAGI looks.┬áThis will[…]


Breeding: Best of Both Worlds (KINGPINLINE CLEOPATRA x SGK with BERDUGO)

Pampanga is a beautiful place with beautiful people. It is best known for their exceptional culinary skills, thus tagged as the culinary capital of the Philippines. Aside from skillful cooks, it’s also the home of some of the countries best American Bully breeders. Sir Cho Olalia of Bully Kartel, and Sir Sam Fortunado of SGK[…]