Emperor, Yakuza son

Welcoming the Emperor

This coming week, the bully community will welcome a new addition in our ranks. What makes it special is that UNAFEYED is behind it and they’re bringing in bad ass stud. Unafeyed is one of the more established kennels in the United States, breeding top notch American Bullies with the signature OG MIAGI looks. This will[…]


Indonesia’s Bully Scene

The American Bully is a universal language. Its popularity have sky-rocketed even if the breed is relatively new. A once humble breed in the States have come its way to the archipelago of Indonesia.   On the forefront of the Exotic Bully scene are Tony Tytyan and Rico Wenas of Le7el Bully Camp. What started[…]

Dyep Mendoza and Doonir Alvarez


When it comes to promoting your American Bully, participating in Dog shows is still the way to go. A tried and tested method in which you’ll get to compete with other Top American Bullies in the country. One of the staples in the American Bully shows is Barangay Bullyz from Laguna. They’re one of the[…]


Brindle Power!

One of the least-desired color of the American Bully is the Brindle color, commonly known as the tiger stripe. For odd reasons, people are more inclined to pick other colors with their American Bully. Most Bully enthusiast perceive the brindle as a negative color characteristic. In reality, the brindle color is not a defect nor[…]


Rolling The Dice

Here’s our  little conversation with Carlos Parilla of Highstreet kennels about on one of his life’s gamble and how it turned out. Topbully: Bro what did you see in gamble blood that made you a believer in it? Carlos: Gamble blood never gets old…it just keeps on getting better and better. Go heavy gamble and you will[…]


Unafeyed Bullyz’s TYSON

The “wow factor” should be included in the list of traits and characteristics of the American Bully Breed. This intangible is a must for every American bully primarily to those who want to stand out. The American Bully scene is almost crowded with good looking bullies, a wow factor can really set the difference between[…]



Pretty much you’ve heard the word Kaboom! in every single possible scenario. In the world of the American Bully Breed, there is one Kaboom! that keeps on making noise. Kaboom produces fire after fire in every breeding he’s been a part of. The thing is, he’s being ignored by a lot of the big players[…]


Stud Juice

Finally you’ve decided to get into breeding your American Bully. You have read almost all the how to’s and the do’s and dont’s of breeding. You’ve ask friends and people from American Bully groups on the best practices of breeding and is now ready to plunge in the waters except for one last problem: you’re[…]