Boosting up your dogs health with Liviti food supplement

In today’s time fur parents are challenged on what kind of supplement to give their beloved pets. With the current market set-up, there are plenty of supplements to choose from, thus making it a difficult decision to make. The current set-up is that you have to rely on other people‚Äôs testimonial or you can do[…]


Rising up the Game

I’ve lost count on the number of Imported American Bullies that arrived this year. You can compare them to “balikbayan” boxes with the frequency of their arrival. But one caught our eye and stood out from the rest. EMPEROR they call him. They took the risk of bringing him home amidst the tropical weather where[…]


The American Bully Scene: Evolving and getting Bigger

Evolving and Big. Words that best describe the American Bully scene today. Starting from its humble beginnings and up to what it is today, the American Bully has dramatically evolved. From the Gottylines, Remylines to the Daxs’ and Miagis of today. The game has shifted to the exotic look of an American Bully. This also[…]


Pong Rollan of JPR Bullies

If you’ve been following the local Bully scene on social we are quite sure that the name PONG ROLLAN would ring a bell. No week would pass-by without him posting about the American Bully Breed. Weather it may be for promotion or just a regular conversation, you’ll surely see one of his well thought post.[…]



Pretty much you’ve heard the word Kaboom! in every single possible scenario. In the world of the American Bully Breed, there is one Kaboom! that keeps on making noise. Kaboom produces fire after fire in every breeding he’s been a part of. The thing is, he’s being ignored by a lot of the big players[…]


Breeding: Best of Both Worlds (KINGPINLINE CLEOPATRA x SGK with BERDUGO)

Pampanga is a beautiful place with beautiful people. It is best known for their exceptional culinary skills, thus tagged as the culinary capital of the Philippines. Aside from skillful cooks, it’s also the home of some of the countries best American Bully breeders. Sir Cho Olalia of Bully Kartel, and Sir Sam Fortunado of SGK[…]