The Bully Show: KING OF KINGS


This coming Sunday, September 24 , the Biggest American Bully Show is about to happen. From the looks of it, this will be the mother of all events for our American Bully Breed. But the question is, will it live up to the expectations? From past experience, show attendees have dwindled in number for various reasons but will this event ignite the fire for every show enthusiast in the land? Guests will be flying in from different parts of the world to grace the event and it has been dubbed as the KING OF KINGS.

The Ninja bully syndicate has laid out all the plans for this event to be the Biggest and baddest American Bully Show. This will also be the first ever ABC Sanctioned show. The big question is will the big name dogs be in attendance and compete in the ring?

The Politics in the game have hindered the growth of the Bully Breed and this is the best time to set aside all the dramas and come together for our beloved breed.

We wish the best for this show and we hope the people will get their money’s worth as Breeders from the Provinces will make their way for this event, bringing in their family and friends.

As the saying goes, “it takes two to tango”. Will you do your part this Sunday for our beloved breed?

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