Boosting up your dogs health with Liviti food supplement

In today’s time fur parents are challenged on what kind of supplement to give their beloved pets. With the current market set-up, there are plenty of supplements to choose from, thus making it a difficult decision to make. The current set-up is that you have to rely on other people‚Äôs testimonial or you can do[…]


Rising up the Game

I’ve lost count on the number of Imported American Bullies that arrived this year. You can compare them to “balikbayan” boxes with the frequency of their arrival. But one caught our eye and stood out from the rest. EMPEROR they call him. They took the risk of bringing him home amidst the tropical weather where[…]


The Legend of Monstra

She was a beast among studs when the bully scene was starting to pop. She has that intimidating look and a unique color pattern which have become her own identity. She is a Marcello daughter and produced by Charlie Lozano. She was bred to topnotch studs and produced topnotch bulls all throughout. Every breeding has[…]


Bully Grfx

Bully Grfx There are many faces of an American Bully Breeder. Many people may see this as a simple industry but it takes a lot of hats to make it in the doggy dog world. The breeds rise to fame can be attributed to the power of social media. Breeders have done creative ways to[…]


Slimeball a.k.a. Mr. Viral

It’s seldom that a big-named dog comes to our shores to call it home. The last time a big named-dog who made its way here was USO, one of Dax’s best son. History has a way of repeating itself. A few months back, another Big-Named Dog came to the Philippines- a direct offspring of the[…]