The American Bully Scene: Evolving and getting Bigger

Evolving and Big. Words that best describe the American Bully scene today. Starting from its humble beginnings and up to what it is today, the American Bully has dramatically evolved. From the Gottylines, Remylines to the Daxs’ and Miagis of today. The game has shifted to the exotic look of an American Bully. This also shows that no person or entity have monopolized the market for the whole existence of our beloved breed. Change is inevitable in our community and you’ll be left-out if you are not willing to change or adapt. This is what makes OBC Founder Glen Domingo stand-out in this game. He’s a real OG in the doggy dog world. He’s been all through the phases, starting from pitbulls to American Bullys and now to Exotic Bullys. This is a real testament that more than the money and the hustle, he’s a living proof of the bully lifestyle.

He began his affection for the bully breed during his days in the land of milk and honey. This gave him the advantage as he was able to rub elbows to breeders like Nolan Cagwin and many others who selflessly shared their knowledge. He took their advises and brought them here in the Philippines. When pocket and girthy bullies were preferred, he already has OUTLAW which he got from Shortbus blood. Outlaw did not disappoint as he was a crown top stud in the whole country last year. Production after production boy is the real deal.

His ears is always on the ground, listening to what everybody is feeling. People where starting to look for colors, structure and that OG Miagi look so he brought in GODZILLA an 8 ball son produced by No Limitz Bullyz Martin Martinez. He got him when he was just a day old. These are testaments to his vision and outlook in this game. Pretty safe to say, the pick was not a bust.

He grinds like no other 24/7 in the game. His family is his motivation. His attendance to every show, whether he wins ot otherwise, is as sure as the words he speak every show. Realest of the Real, no other guy deserves the title as this OG does. He has the full support of his family, his wife Cel and his son DJ who gives him foremost inspiration. His kennel made out of OG’s like Butch Bautista, Lordan Mendoza and many more. He’s always up to something. Don’t be surprised on the moves he’s about to make. The Game’s King of the Grind, obc’s Glen Domingo (Marley Jaya)









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