Kibble Review:Go Naturals Salmon Dog Recipe

One of the main concerns of American Bully enthusiasts is on how to maintain the healthy coat of their bully. This makes breeders picky when finding the perfect food for their Fur baby. We have been advised to try raw feeding but due to lack of time most of us sticks with kibbles.

I have been using Go Naturals Salmon Dog Recipe close to a month and I must say that I have seen results with my bullys coat. Her allergies have subsided and her coat has a brighter shine. To my surprise, my bully has adjusted well to her new diet. At first I was hesitant in introducing a new brand of kibbles since she was on her lanky stage, good thing she’s loving every bite of it.


Go Naturals Salmon Dog Recipe is produced by Petcurean, a family operated company based in Ontario Canada. Upon checking their ingredients, I have found out that they use Human Grade Ingredients. They also make sure its organic. From this stand point alone, it should be enough for you to give it a try. Overall we’re giving it a 4 stars out of 5 stars. Quality and effectiveness is beyond question. The only draw back is its price. Premium dog food means premium price. For one bag it cost P2,350 (25lbs)

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