The Big Star

Last Sunday, the biggest American Bully Show in the Philippines was held, and as expected the outcome was outstanding. The Fantastic Beast show featured the best American Bullies in the Archipelago.


More than the Bullies, it was a well attended event with the biggest name in the Industry in attendance. Dave Wilson, Nan Bai and Serio were present, but the biggest star that day was adult film legend – Maria Ozawa. It was a surprised for most of the attendees to see their idol in the flesh. American Bully enthusiast lined up to take the once in a lifetime opportunity to have their pictures taken. Who would have thought that your love of the American Bully would lead you to meet Maria Ozawa. She was the star of the show, the talked of town. The bully community was very appreciative of her presence. It was a indeed a beautiful show, and yes, it’s time to get an American Bully.



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